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Transfer Carts

Transfer Carts


A Transfer Cart can be a manually pushed or as an automatic “transfer” conveyor that conveys a pallet or unit load from one or more infeed lines, to one or more discharge lines, along fixed floor mounted guide rails. Depending on the thru-put rate requirement, this can be an excellent equipment choice to use instead of fixed conveyor and transfers.


Conveyor on Transfer Cart can be whatever style best suits the application

The Cart is provided with (4) Support/Guide Wheels

Motor/Reducer Sized per application (Voltage, Load, and Speed)

Direct Shaft Drive, Chain/Sprocket Drive/Timing Belt Drive

Guide Tracks designed for each application (on floor or embedded in floor styles

Power to automatic Carts can be provided through festooned cable, hinged cable track, Bus bar electrified rail, or battery/radio control.

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