Our Process

Application Review

We will go into great detail to understand your objectives, the characteristics of what is being conveyed, the desired thru-put rates, the environment that the equipment will be used, and interfaces with any peripheral machinery (ie., stretch wrappers, robots, palletizers). With your input, we will develop a layout and specification for what we feel will be the finest equipment solution for your application.

System Design

Once an estimate becomes an order, our team of engineers will perform detailed design work on each piece of equipment that will be employed in the system. System controls would also take place in this phase of the project (if we are providing controls).

Review and Approval

Before we begin manufacturing, drawings are submitted for your review and approval. This helps to ensure that we accomplished our objectives and all expectations have been met. We will make any necessary changes at this time.


Prime's manufacturing facility offers "state-of-the-art" conveyor production technology, in order to provide the most reliable, cost effective conveying equipment available. "In-house" capabilities include all of the necessary production equipment and processes to produce a wide range of conveyors, related devices, and control systems.

Completion and Inspection

Once manufacturing is complete it's time to assemble your system. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products. All equipment is inspected and shop tested before it ships.